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Skinny Strawberry Key Lime Margarita Mix 946ml

Skinny Strawberry Key Lime Margarita Mix 946ml

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A cool refreshing strawberry with the tart kick of a key lime makes for the perfect margarita mix! Just shake our Skinny Margarita Mix in a cocktail mixer with your favorite tequila and ice. Pour into a salted margarita glass and garnish with a wedge of lime. Sip and enjoy, only 5 calories and 0 sugar!

  • 5 Calories. 2g Carbs. 0g Sugar. 
  • 946.35ml Plastic Bottle.
  • Gluten Free & Kosher.
  • Made in the USA.

    Nutrition Information

    Nutrition Facts Per 100g Serving
    Energy                17kj
    Fat                          0.0g
    of which  
    -saturates 0.0g
    Carbohydrate 1.7g
    of which        
    -sugar 0g
    Protein 0.0g
    Salt 0.04g



    Water, Sugar, Acidity Regulator (E330), Natural Flavour & Artificial Flavours Preservative (E211 & E202), Acidity Regulator(E331), Thickener (E414), Colours (E129 & E102).

    Warning: E129 and E102 may have adverse effect on activity and attention and children

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