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Gatorade Lemon Lime Sports Drink 591ml [Canadian]

Gatorade Lemon Lime Sports Drink 591ml [Canadian]

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When you crave refreshment, reinvigoration, and an energy charge that tastes just right, then Gatorade® Lemon-Lime Sports Drink is THE perfect drink to complement your uber active lifestyle.

Gatorade® Lemon-Lime Sports Drink comes from a family of beverages that are widely known to rehydrate one's bodily system post an intense activity. Formulated and perfected at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, this sweet and tangy cooler was designed to replenish the lost electrolytes that were expended during a strenuous engagement.

Gatorade® Lemon-Lime Sports Drink, alongside other equally satisfying flavours, is the official replenishment of the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL), the National Hockey League (NHL), and the Major League Baseball (MLB). You, too, can join their esteemed ranks!

Visit American Grocer today and order Gatorade® Lemon-Lime Sports Drink today. Switch to a better drink to up your game.

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