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Crystal Light

Crystal Light On The Go Peach Mango Green Tea Drink Mix 23.2g

Crystal Light On The Go Peach Mango Green Tea Drink Mix 23.2g

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Crystal Light On The Go Peach Mango Green Tea - The exotic, tempting and fats-free Crystal Light On the Go brings a new revitalizing Peach Mango Green Tea. Being USA certified, the product is made with precision and advanced formula and quality. It contains a strong blend of aromatizing powdered Peach Mango Green Tea that excite your taste buds to urge for more.

  • Crystal Light, a product of Kraft, brings in a new product, Peach Mango Green Tea, under the banner of On the Go
  • Instant Green tea, simply add in hot water and stir it well to enjoy the coruscating flavour
  • With a refreshing blend of Natural Flavor, Peach Mango Green Tea is tempting enough to liven and waken up your day
  • Only 5 calories per 1/2 serving, make Crystal Light On the Go, one of the top quality beverages that have low calories
  • 99% Caffeine-free with only 10mg of Caffeine per serving

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