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Cookie Dough Bite

Cookie Dough Bites Peanut Butter 88g

Cookie Dough Bites Peanut Butter 88g

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• Now you can try America’s favourite dessert in bite-size form! Featuring sweet peanut butter rolled in cookie dough, Cookie Dough Bites Peanut Butter is great for a snack or dessert.

• You can eat these itty bitty cookie dough snacks straight out of the box, or use them to top off American-style desserts, like ice cream sundaes or cupcakes!

• Eat the entire package or be nice and share some with a friend or family member. Try some today and experience what Cookie Dough Bites fans have been enjoying for decades!

• Our cookie dough is safe to eat – for over 20 years we’ve been manufacturing a delicious, egg-free cookie dough that many of our customers say is their Favorite Candy.

• Cookie Dough Bites, a fan favourite since 1997, now comes in many flavours – be sure to try them all! And, let us know what your faves are. For a unique and delicious chilled treat, pop some in the freezer and enjoy them frozen or chilled.
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