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Airheads Original Fruits Bites Candy 57g

Airheads Original Fruits Bites Candy 57g

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Enjoy the tangy and fruity collection of fruit bites in every 57g pack of theåÊAirheads Original Fruits Bites Candy. FindåÊRaspberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Orange, Strawberry and Green Apple in every fruit bag, giving your multidimensional sweet, smooth, and tangy goodness.åÊ

This bite size pack is perfect for sharing, and can be enjoyed on the go, while watching movies, during camping trips, road trips, while studying, listening to music, or doing practically anything! You'll never get tired of the fruity madness!

These bags are also perfect stocking stuffers, giveaways, halloween giveaways, party favours, or simple treats and gifts for loved ones and friends- for the children or the children at heart. Stock up and make sure you can reach for a bag when you're craving the fruity flavours that explode right in your mouth.åÊ

Each fruity flavour has its own unique taste from bright, slush, to even mysterious,åÊand with different levels of fruitiness. Choose a favourite, but we're certain you'll love each of them regardless.åÊ

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