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Nabisco Triscuit Smoked Gouda Crackers 240g

Nabisco Triscuit Smoked Gouda Crackers 240g

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Enjoy deliciously uncomplicated snacking with Triscuit Smoked Gouda Whole Grain Wheat Crackers. These snack crackers burst with smoked Gouda flavour. These Non-GMO Project Verified cracker snacks are baked without any artificial colours or flavours to keep them wholesome and delicious. Bold flavour them the perfect addition to a tray of cheese and crackers for easy entertaining.

  • Smoked Gouda cheese flavour for a bold taste
  • Thick square crackers offer a hearty snack base
  • Woven whole grain wheat crackers are baked for a delicious crunch
  • Enjoy plain as cracker snacks or use to craft elegant appetizers

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